Friday, January 14, 2011

Did pawn shop buy a $15,000 Faberge spider brooch fake

When a lot of people hear “Faberge” they think eggs. This jewelry creator, though, made much more than simply Easter decorations. A seller came into the “Pawn Stars” pawn shop offering a spider brooch for sale. The owners instead offered her $15,000, saying it was likely a Faberge spider brooch. The Faberge company has not, thus far, been impressed. They feel that the Faberge spider brooch is a fake. The seller of that brooch got a bigger payday cash advance loan than she was expecting.

Viewing the Faberge spider brooch for many

A Gold and Silver Pawn was where a customer went with a jewel-encrusted spider brooch on the show "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel. She had found it while cleaning out a family member’s house. She was asking for $2,000 for the brooch, because it had jewels all over it. Rick, the co-owner of the pawn shop, said that he would love to pay $2,000 for it, but he “had a conscience.”. He then offered $15,000 for the piece, pointing out that it was an incredibly rare Faberge piece that could easily be worth twice that.

Faberge spider brooch legitimacy

There is a lot of jewelry that is brought to the Gold and Silver Pawn shop. There are other things accepted too, of course. Whether there are hallmarks or identifying marks on the spider brooch is very hard to tell because of the way the episode was filmed. What is seen on the episode, though, is rarely the entire conversation or inspection process for a particular item brought into the shop. Jewelry and antiques are specialties of the shop. That means more than likely, it is a real Faberge spider brooch.

Response from Faberge company

The Faberge company, officially known as The House of Faberge, has spoken up about the possible Faberge spider brooch. In an email sent to “Time” magazine, Tatiana Zherebkina, spokeswoman for the company, called the reports of a Faberge spider brooch “untrue and unfounded,” claiming an eight-legged brooch does “not fit into the luxury jeweler’s creative vision.” Interesting to note is that this is actually the new Faberge company. All records on the company aren't even there. All of the jeweler's workshops were ransacked in 1917. In Switzerland, Peter Carl Faberge died. The firm wasn't re-launched for another 92 years. So, in the end, the Faberge spider brooch may be a true piece of artwork – or just a very pricey piece of spider jewelry.

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Cheryl said...

I notice no one is showing a photo of the fake, exquisitely rendered piece of jewelry in its custom made box.

renatojmm said...

Faberge jewelry says that brooch sold on a pawn shop is false because they should be so, they surely say "We are a worldwide prestigious jewelry and any of our fine jewelry will be sold in a pawn shop because that would somehow subtract prestige to us" somehow it makes sense if you look that we speaks of such prestige jewelry.

magicmum said...

Interesting that there is a very similar spider pin for sale at a prestige auction house in Florida made in 1900 by another jeweller in the workshop of Faberge. It would be extremely likely then that this brooch IS genuine.

Anonymous said...

want to share what the name of this auction house is in florida please/ thanks sandee74

Rachel Vaughan said...

Ill tell u this, if it was not fabrge it was something just as rare. U did not need to see the hallmarks to see how it wAs made. Great peice!

Jones Morris said...

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